Freaked out by a love reading – helpful stories or 2nd interpretations appreciated.

This is going to sound ridiculous and silly, but I’m really disturbed, so please be gentle with me.

I did a reading “who is my romantic true love?”. Initially I was really happy with the reading, until I felt like I knew who it was pointing to. It fits one of my friends to a T. Hoping to prove this wrong, I checked our astrology and we have all the major relationship synastry aspects. Then to make matters worse, he TEXTED me just as I’m thinking about this. And no, we do not text regularly.

We’re not close, but have sent the occasional holiday text and a catch-up if we’re ever in each other’s cities. I’ve always liked/respected him as a person and physically he is conventionally better looking than many men I've dated. And the more I think about, I'm realizing how compatible we really are, values, personalities, lives, etc.

The problem is, in 15 years, I have never been attracted to him romantically or physically – even when I’ve weighed the option in my head. The thought of having to be romantic with him, almost feels like being asked to kiss a cousin. I cannot stress that last part enough. Think about kissing a cousin – did you feel like vomiting?

I’m not ready for my true love to be someone I have NO romantic attraction to – of any kind.

I'm a bit freaked out so if anyone has a similar story that worked out for them or can point out how my reading is wrong, please share.

The reading:.

Questions are in chronological order asked.

  1. Who is my romantic true love?
  • 9 of P – (clarified by QoW, QoP)
  • 9 of Cups – (clarified by Heirophant, KoW)
  • The Fool & The World
  • Wheel of fortune

Interpretation: 9 of P is me. 9 of cups is him. The major arcana cards suggest this is going to be relationship that feels whole, fulfilling, fortunate, and complete like it has come full circle.

  1. What is happening with him now?
  • The Sun (clarified by QoS)
  • 5 of cups
  • 3 of Swords

Interpretation: he is depressed by a relationship gone badly (3oSw & 5oC) with a woman who was a QofSw personality.

  1. Do I know him already?
  • 4 of swords

Interpretation: Not sure myself. Another tarot reader who pulled similar cards for a love reading for me in Feb said this card made her think that it was someone I know and lost contact with. (editL this card came up both times, when I read and when another reader read. At that reading, she also pulled the heirophant & the world, to describe my future love life.)

The correlation to my friend:

My friend is a Taurus (hierophant), has red hair (KoW), definitely living a fulfilled 9oCups life (his job, hobbies, friends, etc.), and has a lot of artistic interests (KoW). His one unhappy thing is that he just got divorced from a woman who is having his baby (sun) and yes, his ex was definitely a QoSw. And we used to hangout more 10 -15 years ago, before the friend group all went their separate ways (4ofSw).

(Deck: RWS Neutral Vibes Tarot, a desaturated version of Pamela Cole Smith’s. The artist sells on Etsy here:

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