Friend Insists Through Tarot That I’ll Have Children Despite My Wishes

Sorry for the long read, but this situation is a bit unique and I'm hoping to clear the doubts that have been twisting inside me for the past year if possible.

So a year ago, I introduced tarot to my friend as another fun way to help yourself grow and get closer to your goals. I have always used tarot casually and have found my own readings to be pretty accurate with some of my readings coming true. I typically use tarot to see how my actions could impact a certain situations and how I could possibly alter the outcome. Me and my friend typically read for each other's future spouses (we're both young).

A year ago, my friend started insisting that I would have children in the future. I insisted that I would not and that I never plan to bear and kids. I have always been adverse to children. Ideally I think that children who are born deserve only the best mothers that could love, care, and want them (which certainly is not me). I would try my best to prevent any of my future pregnancies. I told her this and she dismissed me, telling me that the pregnancy would be an accident and that it was inevitable that I would have children. She saw me having baby fever and continuing wanting more children.

Throughout the year, her future me readings began evolving, including more and more new information that distressed me beyond belief. She saw that I would have a rich husband to take care of me and the children, she told me that my perfect spouse would want to have kids, she saw that I became a stay at home mom, and she told me that I was a bad mother. She told me that in some way I would emotionally neglect my children. Despite the fact that I do not want kids, I find it truly horrifying that a hypothetical future me would emotionally neglect my own children.

In my career and life goals, I have a strong calling towards the arts. There's a light in my heart that tells me to follow my dreams and this light has only ever been affirmed by my cards. But this friend dismisses me, only saying that the vision she sees are me being pregnant and a stay at home mother to some rich guy.

This friend throughout 2021-22 has continued to affirm these visions of hers. I find these readings to be extremely insulting and hurtful. I did not want to write off her readings just because she was a beginner, but over the course of this year, I'm starting to think more and more that they were projections and her opinion rather than anything meaningful. I feel as though she is implying that I would not be able to become successful in the arts and would have to rely on an overly rich man to survive. I feel extremely insulted by this implication.

I've tried clearing up my own doubts and fears using my own cards as a check, but with such scrambled emotions, I am unable to do so at all. I feel what she has read for me have been entirely incorrect and that they are merely projections and illusions, but again, I don't want to write off her readings just because I am in denial. Whenever I think about her readings, there is always a strong sense of dread and disgust that washes over me.

A few weeks ago I went to meet her and she looked me square in the eye and congratulated me for becoming closer to motherhood as a year has passed.

I feel disgusted, but I also do not know what to believe.

What should I do? Should I just disregard her readings entirely or should I pay attention?

Any thoughts would be appreciated – thank you!

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