Full Buck Moon in Cappy Read

Below is the reading and I would appreciate your opinion on the same.🦋

Capricorn full moon:

1) What have I achieved in the last six months? Queen of Wands: I am trying to call the shots and became confident and a bit aggressive. I kept enhancing the intuition and not let anyone belittle me or my core beliefs. Very firey! Very active…!

2) What an I yet to achieve? Six of Pentacles (r) Good some of self-respect and money. A bank balance that pleases the eye and some word of affirmation that can please my heart. I am yet to achieve that or maybe a way to perceive things and allow the abundance I have help the community in some way and remember that "I can be the giver" too off self-respect and help or just a good vibe. Helping the needy! And also, a sense of self where it doesn't matter if the person reciprocates or not. You do that deed if they don't even after mentioning.. letting go…and holding self respect and integrity close.

3) What does full expansion look like for me? Empress(r) &8of swords (r) Getting out of my head and rejoicing the spice of life and not sabotaging the success and nurturing those around me and myself. Not allowing my thoughts to turn me into a jealous bitch.

4) What foundation do I need to establish to support my success? Temperance (r) Patience! Finding small pleasures. Trusting the process. Tuning the health and wellness side too and not getting burned out.

5) What is a non-negotiable for me right now? 10 of wands Don't micromanage me. I can do my stuff. Not filling up the plate with too many things.

6) What do I need to release to feel successful? The world A sense of self-doubt where we start to doubt the completeness we have at the moment and contentment that always resides within us. Understanding that it is always there. You are a complete package…always… don't need to judge or assume .. honoring the journey… Feeling good at the moment… success is in the now…& Sleeping well . Also, not keeping any boundaries…at all .


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