Full moon reading– requesting second opinion

Hi all! I like to do a full moon reading and this last one has been having me question whether my intuition is being clouded by my personal desires. I have had an on-off love affair for a few years with a friend who I deeply cherish, and we've recently come back into each other's lives in a harmonious and joyous way, but we are both wary of beginning a romance and messing that up, repeating old patterns. We are both single and non-monogamous, if that matters. This person is kinda the apple of my eye tbh lol. I did not intend for this reading to be about them but I can't help but see it.

  1. What is being illuminated? 2 of WandsI am competent in my maturity and decision-making
  2. What is being hidden? 3 of CupsMy cup is full and there is reason to celebrate– I have the support of my friends in general. Could see that this is also an indication that we should just remain friends
  3. What can I do to help me move forward? 5 of Wands rxReject competition, adapt to differences and be flexible– or is this telling me to reject conflict avoidance?
  4. What should I embrace? 3 of WandsI am prepared for growth and can choose direction wisely. Alt take– I also have been toying with the idea of moving abroad and maybe I should do that
  5. What should I reject? Lovers rx- Disconnect and ConflictAgain, reject quarreling and focusing on differences.
  6. How do I make the most of the opportunities I encounter this month? Ace of Cups- LoveNurture the joy
  7. Shadow (I like to read the bottom card of the deck) – ChariotMove slowly– acting with too much willpower will mess things up.

Overall, seeing lots of fire & water, energy & emotion, and small numbers indicating beginnings.

I'm happy to go slow with this person but I am wondering if I am letting optimism get in the way of my intuition. Cards 2 and 5 are the ones I am most unsure of.

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