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Hi everyone!! So I just have to share, I was doing a reading and originally got a few cards (The Devil, The Magician, The King of Cups, and The Queen of swords). However, I was unhappy with how the reading was going (I was doing it for a friend and felt off as I didn’t feel 100% connected in that moment to all the energies and spirit), so we hopped off the phone and I completely redid the reading. Well, The Queen of Swords popped up in the spread and the three bottom of the deck cards were The King of Cups, The Devil, and The Magician but all reserved!!! I really shuffled the cards between the reading, I don’t think this was a coincidence at all. Thought it was funny how that worked out and how those things really wanted to come through it. Also restored my confidence in my first reading and that I am connected. Thought that would be fun to share, would love to hear any similar stories 😋😌wishing you all well!!

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