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So, I just did a 3 card spread of problem, solution, outcome, based on “in general”.

My thoughts on the cards are I’m on a journey to escape or heal from my problems (6 of swords), that I need to make a decision (7 of cups) in order to progress with that journey, and all of this strife will lead me to have improved communication (5 of wands) with probably my spouse.

I feel like I got the first 2 pretty easy based on the imagery but I’m a little iffy on the third. Also, I don’t know if it’s because they were cold but shuffling them has become really hard. The cards are made with really nice card stock but either I’m weak, they hate me, or I need to read for myself more often 😅

ETA: the deck is Tarot of the Divine! Thanks for the reminder to add that.

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