General daily reading – Five of Wands + The Sun + Five of Cups

Hi! I did a general reading today using my Cocorrina Divine Feminine deck. I asked the question “what do I need to know today?” and pulled 3 cards using a freeform spread (the positions don’t have meanings assigned to them). I drew the following cards:

Five of Wands – The Sun – Five of Cups

The first thing that came up for me internally when I saw The Sun was “truth” and “self-assuredness”. For Five of Cups it was “loss” and “grief”. And for Five of Wands was “competition”, “jealousy” and “conflict”.

Together I would interpret these cards as follows:

I have recently experienced a lot of sadness and grief (five of cups) due to losing a person that I really cared for. The loss resulted from a conflict and feeling as though I was had to compete for this person’s attention (five of wands). They were not very clear about how they felt about me or what their intentions were towards me. They left me with a very significant lack of clarity. I have also experienced a lot of internal conflict and a lot of feelings of inadequacy due to the loss I experienced (five of wands). I may be at the point now however where everything will be illuminated (the sun). Either the truth about the situation will come to light or I will come to a place where I feel more self-assured and more confident about myself, leaving behind how this situation made me feel.

I read the cards in this way but I’m not very confident about my interpretation and would really appreciate any help. It would be great to have a different perspective. Thank you!

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