General reading with the first deck I ever bought!

I did a general reading of my energy with the five cards that fell out while I was shuffling them. I’d love it if someone would help me out with their own interpretation 🙂

  • Six of cups: revisiting the past, may represent reconciliation with past lover (I texted my previous partner a few days ago after being in no contact for over 3 months)

  • Five of cups in reverse: self forgiveness and moving on. This could refer to how I should accept my past mistakes, instead of blaming myself, so I can truly move on from what happened and grow as a person (I still think a lot about my previous partner and the role I played in our relationship. I am not proud of how I behaved due to my anxious attachment style and I blamed myself a lot for how everything ended)

  • King of swords: mental clarity, truth. I interpreted this as me having gained clarity over who I am as a person and knowing my truth. I know what I want, and I’m going after those things (I did a lot of self reflection over the past few months. I focused on myself by going to therapy and reading self help books to better understand my past behaviors).

  • Page of wands: inspiriation, free spirit. This could refer to me embracing an opportunity to start something new in my life. New beginnings (could be about new relationships or maybe it’s about me going to a new university soon?)

  • Knight of wands: energy, passion, impulsiveness. Moving forward. This may refer to how I’ve been working a lot on my confidence lately. I’ve become more outgoing and I started believing that I am capable of anything. I have a clear vision of what I want.

How would you interpret these cards in relation to one another, knowing about my no contact situation and how I broke it very recently?

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