Going to different readers for the same question and getting different answers

Hi guys

I usually go to the same person (C) for tarot readings, but this time round I went to two other people (A and B).

More than anything, I trust C more because her readings are hella accurate and I trust her ability. She's an extremely talented reader.

So, I am stuck in a situation right now and I went to A and B for readings on the same question. Both gave very different answers, although some parts resonated with me, some didn't. I'm wondering if this is the case because I asked these two readers to read for me within a week.

I'm thinking of going back to C to get another reading once and for all, since the energy did change with regards to my situation from the last time I did a reading with her, which was around 4 weeks ago. Would that be advisable? Both readers A and B didn't really give me that much assurance and I feel that C would definitely help reassure me about my situation. But she did tell me not to seek guidance so often, so I'm unsure. Should I go with the flow first? I am pretty anxious about the whole thing though.

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