Going to get a new tattoo today, the 4 of Swords as symbolised in the Children of Litha deck! 😍

I'm so excited for this! It's a skull with a delicate butterfly perched atop. I love the meaning of this card. A rejuvenation and renewal after a time of sorrow. A cleansing before I begin anew.

I've had a lot of suffering and setbacks in my life. Just this year alone a family friend committed suicide and my mum underwent major surgery (she's coming home soon!)

My cards have all been telling me good things are on the horizon. I've joined groups for healing and therapeutic techniques. I'm taking steps to becoming a full time reiki healer. I just organised my first ever reading for paying clients.

I want a constant reminder that things can and will get better if you take time to meditate or take contemplative rest. Cannot wait to see this new ink on me πŸ₯°πŸ’€πŸ¦‹

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