Got all Pentacles… Kind of new to this!

Asked a question related to work, as I've been trying to get a new position. From my understanding, pentacles are financial related. My mind was set on whether or not I would receive the position as I recently had an interview.

I got the cards in the following order:

Ten of Pentacles

Ace of Pentacles

Page of Pentacles

I'm still learning how to interpret cards but… I think what I'm getting is after having my interview with the manager of the team I want to join, I'll be given a new opportunity and financial security, and gain new knowledge to use it for my job to be successful at it.

I'm also feeling iffy on such because well.. I have a hard time believing good things can happen to me.

I'm open to other interpretations. Again, pretty new to this and that's what I got from both reading on labyrinthos and feelings I got from looking at the cards.

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