got spooked but it’s only my imagination? or is it?

For these past few days i've been feeling more mindful than usual. I've been writing down my readings and my thoughts and feelings. Today I wanted to learn littlebit more about angel cards/oracle because I also have that. I got an idea to pick up one card, draw it however I like it and feel like is the right way to "represent" that certain card. I also wrote back of the paper what feelings I got when I was drawing that certain card. I was feeling nice, littlebit like I was meditating. Until my bathroom door made little sound like door got closed.. and it scared the shit out of me. This made me feel paranoid and scared. I can't even move anywhere because I got so scared. So the question is… Could this be something..? Spirits? Just my imagination making things up because I was focused amd home alone? Any opinion or experience is welcome.

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