Had a bit of a wild ride while thinking about some career moves.

I recently started working at a new job, and was having some second thoughts about it. I decided to just pull cards as long as I felt like it with no particular spread until I felt like I was finished. Deck is Lost Hollow Tarot by PixelOccult.

Shuffled the deck, and drew my first card. Okay, given that its inverted, that's not great vibes for the new job. Let's see what happens with my second card. Again, that would be a cool card to pull about a new job if it wasn't reversed. My third card was also an inverted one. I was starting to notice a bit of a theme here.

After I drew my fourth card I was starting to wonder if I was just going to keep drawing nothing but inverted cards giving my new job the stink eye all night. Well, card number five said "no, we won't all be inverted… about that job though…" Six and seven continued my "no seriously, about that job." theme that I had going. Eight, nine, and ten got back on the inverted theme, and at this point I kind of felt like I was being beaten over the head with a giant sign that said "BAD IDEA" on it.

At this point I closed my eyes and thought hard about what could happen if I went after another job I was considering, but felt like I shouldn't because it was so soon after starting at my current role. I drew card eleven with that as my focus. Well, I guess I'll think about it.

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