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had an amazing connection with someone i met a couple of weeks ago but i haven’t heard from him since. yesterday he drove past me while i was jogging in a part of town neither of us would normally be in. i can’t get him off my mind.

pulled cards on tuesday when i was kinda ~in my feels~ about not hearing from him. happens all the time dating, but this guy left me really confused. our connection was unmistakable and sexual chemistry was incredible. it felt mutual. so it just stunk and i wanted to know what's up. i asked what happened and why, and if it was over.

the reading was: the emperor, the world in reverse, queen of wands in reverse, tower in reverse, and the 3 of cups.

i remember when i researched them all and applied within the context of my situation, it made sense at the time. i don't remember the exact details of each card because i'm still learning, but he just got out of a 5 year relationship at the end of last year and is in what seems like a transition still. i'm still in the last bits of closing out a rough cycle after a long time coming myself. i concluded that maybe it's all just overwhelming right now and we will reconnect if we are supposed to.

after he drove past me yesterday, i felt the synchronicity was too much to ignore. i haven't run in that part of town in months but wanted a shady path because it was drizzling and i'd missed the scenery. he lives and works about 30 minutes away. he stopped on his brakes briefly but then kept driving, and still nothing from him. wtf though. i had to ask the cards for more clarity. what is going on?

last night- 6 of cups, king of pentacles, queen of wands, 5 of cups

6 of cups mentioning love in the town you grew up checks out, maybe immaturity or childishness. i see him as a potential king of pentacles and i'm certainly in queen of wands energy right now and exuded it completely around him. 5 of cups just makes me think i made him miss his ex or trigger something. a lot of cards point to a reunion, which is exciting.

for some reason i still don't feel like i have clear answers even though the cards make sense individually. he is a pisces and i am a virgo female if astrology matters or helps interpret.

what are you picking up on? am i completely off? appreciate all insight and sending good energy to you all ✨

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