Had an encounter with crows while reading tarot

Crows, I'm pretty sure I was visited by some deity by the form of crows today. I've always had a connection to crows and Ravens, any scavenger birds really, but specifically those two. A few months back I was being taught the symbolism of them and I felt a bond form between us. My first tattoo even had a crow/raven (it's a shilouette and I kinda wanted it be ambiguous) sitting on a bulls skull (I'm a taurus) to symbolize our connection. Today I picked up this crow themed tarot I've been looking at. And I've been trying to connect with Mother nature so I went to my local lake and found a secluded dock among the trees overlooking the water. Now I will say Its not uncommon to see crows/Ravens/buzzards out here and I had already seen over the lake so I knew it was a sign to stay there. I start reading this book that came with the cards, and more and more start flying over the lake. The book asks me to see my reflection and I look dow onto the water as I pledge to follow and learn from the crow, that's when I see in the water probably 15 or so of them flying directly above me. I looked up and was in instant awe. They swooping about me as a read louder and louder from the book, and the second I stopped reading, boom. All of them flew away. As I started doing readings with the cards they would show up occasionally at specific moment, especially anytime I would look at my reflection in the water I saw them above me

Am I crazy? Is this coincidence? Or did I just really pledge my soul to crows

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