Haunted Deck?

Delete if this doesn’t belong here, but please consider this post, this just happened a few hours ago and we’re hoping for any guidance.

I live with my boyfriend and his family, our household consists of 7 people total. We’ve had many strange experiences in the house, which we’ve attributed to coincidental happenings and an attachment between a young girl’s spirit and my boyfriend’s mother. My boyfriend’s mother had a friend that used to live with us. This friend left our home in a very negative manner, and actually brought a lot of negativity into the home throughout the duration of her stay.

When she moved out, she left behind a lot of belongings, including a box for “The Merlin Tarot: Images, Insight, and Wisdom from the Age of Merlin”, inside contained a book and deck. This deck has been in the house for well over a year. We never used it, and never thought of the energy that might be connected to it. Recently, the deck was put in the garbage.

Today was garbage day. We watched out of the bay window as the garbage truck came, took the trash, and left. As my boyfriend and I went outside, I noticed something that didn’t make it into the trash truck. The Merlin Tarot was laying on the ground with all of the cards fanned out, the priestess on top.

I don’t know anything about tarot, the significance of this. All I know is that my boyfriend’s mom became very nervous when I told her what happened. She made us take it with us when we left and throw it in a random garbage can. I scribbled “do not take” on the front. Did I make any mistake? Does anyone else think there is something tied to that deck? Should we cleanse the house?

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