Have endured a rough journey the past year and a half, but seemingly made an amiable pal recently. Looked into that. Is it a facade or a solid friendly connection?


What's going on tarot nation? This was done quickly so all interpretation is welcome. Apologies if you're squinting through any lighting issues!

Deck is Golden Thread – Labrynthos. Query being a warm-up exercise rooted in just seeing what's up with this pal I enjoyed conversing with. Context: I'm a sad widower and someone appeared to appreciate sharing the space, a bit of skepticism here.

8 of Pentacles | 9 of Pentacles(Reverse) | 6 of Swords(Reverse)

Spread was essentially: Situation | Active Elements | Outcome or Advice

What I'm getting here follows two paths: one for the pleasant aforementioned acquaintance and one potentially for myself.

On one side, it seems I may be some social-skill testing ground(the craftsmanship of the 8). A focus merely to test out positive interaction as a means of mastering potential advantage-taking. This could indicate a truly transactional relationship(as per the nature of the 9th reversed Pentacles). However, irregardless of any mal-intent it seems there's an ultimate call from the swords to anchor myself in that uncomfortable perception and bestow the benefit of the doubt anyway if I am ever to trust another person once more going forward.

On the other and more hopeful end, it's an opportunity to grow and further master my own pursuits in the sentiment of "learn one, do one, teach one" by sharing knowledge(8 of pentacles again). It always expands your own understandings to impart things you know onto another. All the while, I fear this could be a transactional exchange — be it through attention, energy, anything. Superficiality I'm all too familiar with. Although, the last card in either case again seems to point to me needing to sit with any perceived discomfort as a lesson all its own.

If I'm busting any rules please feel free to assist & put me on blast. Have a fulfilling day, all.

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