have you ever dreamed about a new deck?

(I commented the writing below on the weekly thread but I was advised to make this a discussion or story post)

hello there! forgive me if this question belongs somewhere else, but i figured this was a good start. i bought a new deck yesterday (which i would love to review in another post on another day) from five below because both of my decks are in storage, as i recently moved. i honestly didn't expect that this deck would be very… how do you say?? intuitive? if that's the right word… but i dreamed that i was holding my deck while carrying on in the plot of my dream, which was me walking through NYC with friends, waiting for a bus, and finding my friend's rabbit that had run away. the deck is called Celestial Tarot cards and is distributed by Kalan, which is essentially a cheap gift shop manufacturer.

I did some practice runs with the new deck to "get to know" each other and it seems like this deck is really attuned to me already. my other decks took days, if not weeks to feel this same way. does anyone have experience with this? and do you think my dream holds any meaning?

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