Have you ever felt scammed after buying a deck?

This is about an oracle deck so please delete if not allowed. I figured I'd get more interaction here. Recently I bought these Dragon Oracle cards by Diana Cooper and I hate them. The introduction of the guidebook feels like I'm reading something out of a cultist handbook. It was talking about how dragons are angels who reside in alternate dimensions. These dragons will also help transcend us into the new "Golden Age." In the guidebook there was a lot of allusions to something called Source. After looking it up I was taken to a $111 web seminar about spiritually ascending to Source. The cards themselves are pretty but the wording is so weird and doesn't make sense. One card describes a guardian dragon; "Transforms your ascension knowledge into pure wisdom." Also the dragons and the meanings don't correlate. Like the meanings could change cards and the art would still go with the message. Maybe I'm not the right audience for this but I don't know what that means. This deck feels like it was written by someone in a cult and I feel like I got scammed. Can't even return the deck either. Anyways I needed to rant about this because it's been 3 days and I'm still mad.

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