having trouble interpreting tarot deck? (el gran tarot esoterico)

a while back, i was gifted a tarot deck by my mother. she got it when she traveled to spain in the 80s and when i told her i was interested in learning tarot, she passed it on to me. the deck is 'el gran tarot esoterico'.

the problem is: i've learned tarot online before having this deck and used a tarot app, so i learned the rider-waite meanings and interpretations. the little book i found with my deck is in french and the meanings are all wrong. so i searched it up on the internet and found out that i should interpret the minor arcana through the eudes picard method, but i still don't understand how i should read the major arcana… the XV is called 'aker' and instead of the hanged man there is called 'la picota'.

i know that since i'm a beginner it would be better to use a rider-waite deck but i've grown fond of this one since it was my mother and i've tried to bond with it, and also i can't imagine myself using another deck.

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