Hello Tarot Readers, members and all spiritual friends!

I have always had my readings done throughout my life since I was 20, I’m 54 years old now and wondering if anyone can give me advice or direction? A few tarot card readers have said after my readings that they felt a strong spiritual connection to me. Now, the hard part (typing with some tears). My best friends (male) sister committed suicide in January. A lot of her belongings were donated to shelters, homeless people and a variety of charities. A few things were brought to my home for storage and among the “few” things, and I say this sarcastically, we’re 5 huge boxes full of tarot decks. I was shocked to see so “many”. If I had to guess at this point I would say there are at least 300 of them, some beautifully illustrated ones! I dabbled last night, and again this morning with ONE of the decks and was amazed instantly how I could read into the meanings. The deck is called The Wild Unknown by Kim Krans. Her deck made my dabbling come easy. I will be keeping this deck for learning and connecting with my spiritual side. The family has no interest in these tarot cards and have asked me to keep them or do as I please with them. I’m at a standstill and not knowing what to do with so many? All advice or recommendations are welcome with much thanks and appreciation. ❤️🙌

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