Help identifying this deity

Here is what each individual card means.

Card One is the deity — this is the equivalent to the first card in the Deity Communication Spread.

Card Two is one of the qualities/traits associated with them. I tend to read this as a more “negative” trait. Something that might seem scary or intimidating.

Card Three is another personality trait, but this one is usually read as being seen as more positive.

Card Four is what this deity rules over, or has power over.

Card Five will be for something that the deity is associated with, like a symbol or animal or something.

Here is what I got. The question was “What deity is willing to work with me to get what I’m asking for.”

  1. Three of Coins

  2. Five of Swords

  3. Page of Swords

  4. The Hierophant

  5. Seven of Coins

I’m new to this so whoever could help that’ll be great. This is the KeyMaster Tarot deck by creator and artist Lorenzo Gaggiotti and author Lilo Schwarz

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