Help: I’m shuffling and keep fumbling cards. Can anyone help read these?

I'm currently shuffling my cards, trying to do a reading. I am super hurt by someone I think I thought too much of. I was extremely hopeful. Once, while doing another reading, I asked if that relationship might work if I was patient and drew The Sun, but I was not patient. I feel used and disrespected, but I knew that I would feel this way if I decided to carry on without trusting my gut. At this point, I'm ready to drop the hope I had about this person. I think I deluded myself. I want to move forward but I'm having a hard time.

Anyway, while shuffling, cards keep falling out of my hands. A moment ago it was both The World and The Tower, both upside down. I think it was telling me to persist in moving on and letting go. But just now five altogether in a small stack that I fumbled out while shuffling. I have never been this clumsy shuffling before. Ace of Wands. Temperance. Four of Pentacles upside-down. Four of Swords. Three of Swords upside-down.

I'm still new and though I can look up meanings for individual cards, I still have trouble reading them as a combination. I know that those swords aren't usually good. Can anyone help?

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