Help interpret a ready please

So for context, this guy is pretty hot and cold with me and I asked the deck to give me further clarification as to why. I know I should just move on but for closure I wanted some answers, this is what I got:

  1. The World – The world is at his feet – he is moving abroad soon to live for a couple of months, so perhaps he is focused on that.
  2. Queen of Swords – He is quite a stern/emotionless person – so playing it hot/cold is just normal for him as he is not very emotional.
  3. Wheel of Fortune (Reversed) – I can't quite work out what this means – things were going well and now all of a sudden aren't? The spark has gone? what do you think?

I also asked the deck what his thoughts were about me and I got:

  1. The Hanged Man – He is unsure and can't make up his mind
  2. The Magician – I'm not sure what this means – any thoughts?
  3. Queen of Cups – He thinks I am a compassionate/caring person. He thinks highly of me.

It would be great to get a second opinion to help me process all of this. Thank you in advance.

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