Help! The same 2 cards keep showing up in the same place and I’m not sure where to go with it.

It's happened three days straight now. The readings were:

Day 1: 10 Wands, 8 Swords , 8 Pentacles

Day 2: 10 Wands, 8 Swords, Ace Cups (Confirmation Card: Temperance)

Day 3: 10 Wands, 8 Swords, Temperance (Confirmation Card: Emperor)

I was using the cards to ask what my current situation is, the problem and solution. The confirmation cards were from a different deck (it's like a second opinion).

I feel like my cards are telling me I'm trying to hard on focusing myself but I feel like there is something missing in my viewpoint. Or am I thinking too hard about thinking too hard?

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