Help w/reconciliation reading.

Hi all! I'm really really new when it comes to reading (just under a month since I started!) and I wouldn't have delved into making predictions yet, but it sort of happened. I didn't use a particular spread, I just drew cards as I asked questions:

  1. Will he (my ex) contact me? : Knight of Cups
  2. Show me myself in this scenario (wanting to know how I would react) : Temperance
  3. Does this reunion have a romantic nature? : Ace of Pentacles
  4. Is he my person? (I wasn't too sure on how to interpret the previous one and was looking for clarification) : 3 of Cups
  5. What do I need to do now in order to reach that outcome? 3 of Swords

My interpretation is that he will eventually contact me again and he'll be really sincere in whatever it is that he has to say. He'll do this when he's ready. I'll respond positively, but cautiously. I was thinking that if this is indeed an attempt to get back together, I'll ask that we take it slow and kind of get to know each other again. So, I won't jump at the opportunity, but I'll be open to it.

Questions 3 and 4 are where I'm a bit confused. I think we can build something really solid and beautiful and it could very well be romantic; however, we also work in the same industry (the arts), so I think we could also become colleagues and create successful projects; or we might as well just become good friends (or any combination of these 3). Regardless of the nature of our relationship, I'd say we'll reconnect and it'll be a positive experience.

What is clearer is that, before all of this unfolds, I need to live my heartbreak with everything it entails. There's no skipping any stage of it. I have to go through my grieving process, learn from it, grow. I think this also makes sense when I connect it back to Temperance as, whatever decision I make when he reaches out, will be better aligned with my Higher Self, with whom I need to connect better, and I'll be able to do that through the process I'm currently going through.

It's not that I doubt what my cards have to say, it's more that I'm still unsure about my skill since, like I mentioned, I'm super new to this. Any insight would be really appreciated! Thank you all in advance πŸ™‚

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