Help with a reading?

Recently, I was turned down for a position at work that I wanted. It would have been almost lateral, but a slight slight raise and different responsibilities, and most importantly, a better schedule. I was well qualified for it, but was declined.

So I turned to my cards to ask, what is the best way to get more satisfaction out of my job? Would finding a new employer make me feel more fulfilled? What is the best next step for my career? I'm working with my basic Rider-Waite tarot deck, as it generally gives me the most practical advice.

I pulled (in this order): The King of Swords The King of Wands reversed The King of Pentacles reversed. Stunned, I pulled one more card for clarity: The King of Cups.

And then, for added confusion, The five of wands jumped from my deck and into my lap.

Would love to get someone else's interpretation on this reading. I'm a woman, by the way, and married to a woman, and was looking to move to a team with a female boss, so there are no men that come to mind regarding my work situation. I'm in the finance industry. The flair says to ask for a second opinion only but honestly I'm not even sure what my own interpretation is with this, I very rarely draw court cards at all.

What do you guys think?

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