Help with a self-care spread? [tw: self-harm/ideation]

I asked simply what I can do to care for myself at this time, and pulled three cards all meant to answer the same question:

  1. 6 of Pentacles

  2. Knight of Cups

  3. The Hanged Man

I took them to mean:

  1. I should continue trying to mentor the kids in my workplace and to find more fulfillment in helping others in general.

  2. I should open myself up to more emotional vulnerability and love, stop living in the past and start being more open/genuine. Cultivate more creativity and work on being a gentler person.

  3. This is one of the two cards that always trips me up. I actually find it a bit nauseating as it reminds me of suicide and I’ve been self-harming. I guess I took it to mean to not expect any major changes right now, to just pause and wait out the misery.

Any help/insight appreciated, but especially with the Hanged Man.

The deck I used was Ophidia Rosa.

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