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Hey guys! I have a question for those of you who have seen/used the Hermetics Tarot deck (b&w version). I connected with this deck in the store and decided to give it a go which started great and has actually furthered my understanding of hermetics, however, after about a mont of using it I started to get a really bad feeling whenever looking at the cards. I had a dream where I was using them in the dark and a voice said into my ear "if you see it it's real" so I threw the deck across the room and they bounced off the wall into a perfect spread it felt really really negative and scary and since then I have not been able to touch the deck. I have tried cleansing it multiple times and looking for some deeper meaning but I'm coming up blank. In essence I'm wondering if it's possible that there's something wrong with the deck or me and if I should get rid of it or continue trying to figure it out? I don't want to have negative energy around but if there's a chance they have something important to offer I don't want to throw away that chance.

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