Hey, I’m new to tarot + Got My First Ever Tarot Deck

Hello everyone, just like in the title, so I don't really need to say it! I got my first ever tarot deck (which is the rider waite's deck) from yesterday at a bookstore called barnes and noble (where they also had many other tarot decks and not to mention oracle decks) there. My parents had to buy it for me since you know, I currently do not own a credit card or a debit card… but yeah… anyways, it was very expensive apparently but atleast I got it either way! I opened it up to check out what the cards looked like and such and they looked pretty decent. I also might know what type of questions to ask it later tonight once I start doing my first tarot reading for myself too.

Btw, I mostly made this post to see if anyone have any tips and tricks to share to me as a beginner in tarot?

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