Hi, i’m trying this again. I did my first ever major and minor arcana card pull today. I really need help by the interpretation, because i have 0 experience with this kind of cards.

So, my question was: How does he really think and feel about me? Is there any karmic bonding or a karmic relationship between us?

The Cards: first row – 1. the queen of cups upright – 2. the heirophant reversed- 3. 10 of cups upright second row: 1. the devil reversed – 3 of swords upright – the king of wands

My interpretation is:

the queen of wands is an indicator for me, that he sees his own mother in me. he sees also the fire, the power and the positive energy in me. he also thinks that i’m like a queen, which he treated wrong in the past (the heirophant reversed) It can also indicate that we are not on the same page when it comes to values and goals. This may be causing conflict and insecurity in the relationship and he is very aware of this situation. because of the 10 cups i think that there are thoughts about a long term relationship with me and maybe a relationship. i also think that this card is a soulmate card. but when the devil reversed fell of the thoughts i had changed. my first thought was: he has been projecting a lot of his own trauma and insecurities on me, which have been triggered because of an karmic bond (trauma bonding) between uns two. i trigger extreme heavy negative emotions in him, which he doesn’t want to feel. the next card was 3 of swords, which confirmed my thoughts. i think that he is going trough a circle right now, where he realizes, that he really f up. he is aware that he met the right person at the wrong place and the wrong time. he also sees my strongly masculine side of myself. he sees the power and the dominance in me.

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