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I’m sorry if it’s a long post but felt called to share this story. I am very new to the world of tarot… bought my first deck maybe 3ish weeks ago. I was so excited to receive my deck and instantly jumped right in. I’d look up spreads, pull cards, look them up in the guidebooks, etc but absolutely nothing made sense. Rarely I’d pull something that related. This morning, rinse and repeat. After the guidebooks, I went to google. While searching online, I came across a 60 minute webinar about tarot and thought “why not?” Her main piece of advice was “Put the books down! Trust your intuition!” Get familiar with the main elements (cups: water – emotions, etc) and the numerology. Meditate on the image and how it makes you feel. Do NOT try to memorize all 78 cards meanings. It’s impossible. This may be a no brainer for most but it wasn’t for me. I was obsessing over finding the right definitions/meanings. After the video was over, I put the books away and tried another (just one card) daily reading. I saw everything in a whole new light. It all connected! I drew the 5 of cups reversed… (my question was “what do I need to know today?”) my short and simple interpretation; when I studied the card, all I saw was sadness, depression, and loneliness (I’ve been in a funk for a while). Being reversed, I read this as instead of dwelling on your sadness, focus on or do the things that make you the happiest. Short and sweet! I’m open to your thoughts, stories, advice and constructive criticism 🙂 I just hope this helps to encourage any other newbies out there that are feeling defeated or exhausted like I was!

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