How can I block my energy from being picked up by a person who is doing readings for me without my permission?

Hi. If this is the wrong subreddit for this question I'm sorry in advance. In that case, could you please redirect me to a subreddit where I can ask this?

Last year I met a new friend. She was weirdly nice to me but I just thought that it's just because of her personality. She started sending me memes and random pictures throughout the day. But it would always be some kind of stuff related to my current situation. First few times I thought that it's just coincidence. I'd talk to my friends about my problems with some guy and literally few hours later I get a new meme from her about that specific situation. If I talk to someone about a new pizza place I want to go to she would send me pizza videos later that day. There are so many examples like this. I don't really post stuff on social media, especially not about my problems or where I'm going. Also we don't have the same friends, so there is no one telling her about my life.

First time we hung out I felt like I've known her, but not in a good familiar way, more like in a weird unpleasant kind of way because she literally only talked about stuff that I'm supposed to like or hate based on my natal chart. It felt like she knew all about me which creeped me out. Her mom is an astrologer, so she's also into that stuff but she focuses more on doing Tarot card readings. Last time we hung out we talked about Tarot. She looked at me and told me that she sometimes pulls cards for her friends, so she could be able to know more about people and what's going on in their lives. I'm convinced that she is pulling cards for me.

We haven't talked for a month now, and yesterday she sent me a meme again about some guy that I stopped talking to few hours before her sending that. I literally haven't told anyone about what happened between me and that guy. This just can't be coincidences anymore because it has been happening for months now. Also when we first met she was very rude to me asking me a dozen times when I was born so she could look at my natal chart. I'm a really private person and I don't want people to know my business, especially people who aren't my friends. I don't know what should I do.

If I block her or even think about blocking her everywhere, she would know that. A few times when I thought about that she would send me some funny or cute dog videos. If I don't respond, she keeps sending that and continues asking me on another social media why I'm ignoring her. So I would always reply after that. When I told her a few times that she's just sent me a perfect meme about my situation, just to see what she is going to say, she would jokingly tell me that it's just coincidence. We both know it's not. But it's oike she doesn't even try to hide it anymore.

If I try to confront her about it she could just deny that she's isn't pulling cards for me. But I know she is. She literally told me that she does readings to other people without them knowing. Sometimes it feels like I can sense her digging through my thoughts. Because whenever I felt that she is doing that she would text me or send a meme. We go to the same college so she could always just randomly bump into me in the hallways, or find out where and with who I usually hang out and then just happen to be there. She could still keep doing readings for me, so I don't think that cutting her off completely would be a long term solution, because she will still be able to sense my energy.

I'm starting to feel so anxious and afraid because it's really not pleasurable knowing that someone has access to my thoughts, feelings, and everything going on in my life without my permission, especially because I don't know her real intentions.

Is there anything I can do to block her from picking up my energy? Is it possible to do something so that when she tries to do a reading for me she just can't feel or see anything about me? If anyone has any advice that could work I would really appreciate it. Thank you so much in advance!

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