How did you get into Tarot?

I’m so new to all this and constantly curious about other journeys.

I don’t even know how it happened for me? A couple years ago I had friends offer readings online and I wanted to support them. One reading was a fun conversation and super insightful. One was an email that I got a lot less out of. I didn’t think much about it for months.

I found a deck I liked (fortune queens by @enjoy.mycake) and thought it would be fun to do a daily pull as part of my morning routine. I quickly realized that I didn’t know anything, the little book was not enough for me.

Now I basically treat it like a class I study for anywhere from 10 minutes to hours a day. I pull almost daily to “learn” a new card and some friends and family have been welcoming for me to read for them.

But enough about me, I’m curious about you! How did you find tarot? Did it find you? (If you read) What made you want to learn to read?

Thank you for your time

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