How do I interpret these cards?

I know this is probably cliche but I asked the cards about a guy. Here is some background: I met him at work. We never got close yet I still became infatuated with him and felt a strong connection, but never told him straight up how I felt. I was never sure if he was actually interested in me or not for several reasons. Anyway I left that job for a new place nearly 2 months ago and didn't hear from him and thought that was it. I feel like I'm in transition period in my life and have been at peace and haven't been dealing with any guys on purpose since I switched jobs. When he recently messaged me I wasn't sure it would be worth the trouble so I took longer to respond than I probably should have. When I do respond, he ignores me 🙁 I asked the cards about the situation and this is what I got. I did my own interpretation but really wanted second opinions.

What he wants from me: The high priestess Five of cups Ace of cups Four of swords Knight of cups

I think that he may be working through something he's not telling me about and possibly looking towards me as a relief and respite. He wanted me to intuitively understand him without him explaining himself and for me to give him whatever he is emotionally craving deep down. And possibly to feel sympathy for him and regret that I didn't do this earlier.

How he feels about me: The devil The moon Two of wands The lovers Two of cups

Not going to lie, the devil and the moon as the first two cards are concerning to me, despite the two of cups. Don't know how to interpret this I think this means that he is sexually attracted me and placed many of his darker desires, emotional habits, and inner turmoil on me in his head(I've barely spoken to him recently so I don't know where this came from) and/or he is angry at me for one reason or another. He is also considering and planning how a situation with me would happen.

Advice in regards to him: Ten of cups The hanged man Knight of swords Two of cups Page of swords

I have been very closed off romantically and even on a personal level I'm taking this to mean it's time to change my perspective and to compromise on certain aspects of myself that aren't helpful for my personal fufillment. That maybe its time to open myself to another person without overthinking while still remaining vigilant.

But I'm not sure if that's the best path with what's on his mind. I should probably trust the cards, but in the end there is always free will.

I would really like you guys interpretations on this.

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