How do you explain the inversion of the 6th star?

The positive position of Star Coin 6, I would think it is a state of inequality and dissatisfaction. One person holds a scale, and two people kneel down and pray for money. If it is a general work problem, many cases will be resigned. In other words, the boss chooses one of the two, but in the end that person still has to leave. If it is a relationship, I would think that a person chooses one or the other, but in fact, this person has a plan in his heart.

But I don't feel anything about Xingbi 6 inversion at all. Many people say that the finances are not equal, but for the positive Xingbi 6 finance, all employees have been fired, which has already caused losses. Is inversion a greater loss? And how do you explain the love issue of Star Coin 6?

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