How do you guys put the reading into practice?

This is probably something I should ask a therapist or some motivational group or something but anywho…

My readings are more introspective/reflective. I do the reading, I do the interpretation. And that's it. I cannot muster the energy or desire to actually do the thing being asked of me.

One example- I don't recall the others but the focus was Death and the gist of the message was to konmari what I have, material or not (so friendships etc).

Another example, gist was to better understand what I give, what I receive, if it is enough and why. I got to this interpretation after reading the Tarot for Change book and the cards were the 6 of Pentacles and the Tower.

I guess to sum it up, Tarot gives me the guidelines I need to do the work, I just can't bring myself to do it. Not sure it's a "won't/don't" scenario (or maybe it is) or more laziness, more "what's the point" kind of scenario.

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