How do you keep track of your tarot collection?

I am as much a tarot collector as I am a reader, something I know to be true of many tarot enthusiasts.

I am not, however, an organized person. My collection is scattered on various shelves or in assorted boxes between my house, my car and my partner’s place, anywhere I find myself working or reading on a regular basis. I might not know where all my tarot decks are at any given moment, and I own two copies of at least one deck because I forgot I already owned it! (Not that I mind – I also own two copies of several other decks just for the sake of having backups for my favourites.)

In an attempt to stay on top of my growing collection despite fighting ADHD and my natural tendencies toward clutter, I’m looking into how to document a large collection. For example, right now I am making a private Instagram account with one photo-only post per deck, so I can see at a glance how many decks I have in total and what the artwork and condition is like.

I’m also starting a collection journal, so I can write out the details that might be lost in the photo posts. I’m thinking I’ll write the name of the deck, the authors, the publication and purchase dates and the purchase price.

But like I said, I’m terrible at organization! So I’m wondering what methods other people use for keeping track of their collections. Do you have a collection journal? What information do you think is important enough to keep track of? Are there apps for this sort of thing? I’d also like to know if you have a special place where you keep your decks – do you display them, store them, keep a dedicated shelf or mix them with books or games? What do you do to stay on top of your collections, if you do anything at all?

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