How Do You Read Cards For Choices?

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New to this whole thing. Been doing basic spreads the last few days to get myself acquaintaned with the cards and how to read them. One aspect that I've sort of struggled with is how do you read cards for choices/options or paths to take.

Form example, I did a spread for two options and one way to decide which to follow. One card was the Seven of Pentacles. It seems from various resources to mean harvest, reward, growth, perseverance. So if the thing I was focusing on when doing the reading was basically "how to elevate a relationship and get to a certain point I'd like it to be" how would you relate those card meanings into an option or step you could take? I feel like those meanings when applied to how you might feel, or what the past/present/future holds is easier to understand. But when trying to think of how they apply to or represent a decision is a bit tougher for me.

Curious your thoughts, suggestions, any reading material, etc.


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