How does my kitten feel about his new home?

Hi everyone! It’s been almost a week since I’ve gotten Jasper. Jasper was my brother’s responsibility, but he didn’t want to raise Jasper anymore. He underestimated how difficult raising a pet could be, so we moved Jasper to my room.

I pulled some cards from Yoshi Yoshitani’s Tarot of the Divine deck to see how Jasper felt about our house/his current living situation. I’m not sure on how to interpret these cards.

The spread consists of: ten of coins, the hermit reversed, and the four of cups (further clarified by the seven of swords reversed).

I’m still relatively new to tarot, but from my understanding,

  • Ten of pentacles: He considers this place a home he can live in for a long time. A place to grow up. A place that can be comfortable for him.
  • Hermit reversed: He still has some worries, and he feels a bit lonely at times. He’s not completely used to his new home yet.
  • Four of cups, clarified by the seven of swords reversed: He has a lot he wants to do and explore, and he hopes it’s not too good to be true. He’s not sure if he can do what he wants yet, as he’s not sure he can trust those around him (such as me and my family members who take care of him).

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