How legit do you think TikTok live tarot readers are?

I've gotten a few readings from multiple people in the past. It's so much fun and I really enjoy watching people read and seeing how others interpret the cards.

I've gotten 3 readings from 2 separate readers (one on 4/18, a yes/no last week, and one today on 5/6) and they both said different things. Maybe something in the universe has changed between those readings but the message has been completely different.

(you guys don't have to read this portion but I'm explaining a bit of the different messages) I asked for a love reading for me and the guy I'm casually seeing on both readings.

The first one said everything will work out, I need to be patient and not self sabotage. I can reach out for reassurance if needed and he should be able to provide that but everything would go well for us. She stressed the importance of not trying to rush things.

My reading just now said that I'm more emotionally invested than he is and she doesn't see it going anywhere. He enjoys my company but I shouldn't expect anything of the connection.

A Y/N reading I got in between where I asked "Will [his name] and I be in a relationship by the summer"…the cards said YES!

So I am a bit conflicted. Don't get me wrong. After the first reading last month I was ecstatic but now I'm second guessing everything and hurting my own feelings.

On a completely separate occasion, I asked a different reader if I should confess my feelings to my guy best friend and the reader pulled a marriage card and said that he desires me and it would work out. I CONFESSED MY FEELINGS ONLY TO FIND OUT THEY WERE UNREQUITED AND NEVER WERE LOLLLL

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