How likely is this scenario to actually happen?

My cards have been telling me I’ll make a romantic connection soon and they also MIGHT be implying that it’ll happen at an upcoming anime convention.

Basically, I’ve been (vaguely) told how we’ll meet and that it’s gonna be kinda chaotic and totally out of left field. I also did a reading on the convention itself and I was told that there would be an exciting new beginning, as well as possible chaotic shenanigans that will take place during the days I’m going. (There was more stuff, but it was all typical convention things like spending all my money and having fun)

Not only does this possible meeting feel too specific, but also too soon and convenient? Like, I’ve NEVER had a partner and have only ever had a crush on ONE person in my 23 years of living. I’ve been struggling with loneliness a lot lately, and suddenly the cards are telling me someone who’s exactly my type is just gonna appear at a convention I’m going to in two months and I’ll instantly feel a connection and he’ll like me back?

This all feels very unrealistic and unlikely. However, the cards have not been accurate yet so I’m not sure. I really don’t want to get my hopes up. How likely is this scenario to actually happen?

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