How much meaning would you give this kind of readings, ever gotten one and got a very different outcome?

I’ve been feeling down lately because i’ve been single for a long time and a happy single at that, learned to work on my self, be independant and nurture close relations, i have learned all my lessons with bad men and have also turned down many men so i’m not afraid to be alone. But i would really like one or two kids before it’s too late and i feel with the right man i would love a healthy relationship now. So my friend did a reading for me and said i am going to meet someone in a longterm relationship but it’s going to take at least two years. If that’s the case i’ll feel too old to get pregnant. And then i’m thinking is it even a point to date in the near future? I asked my own cards and got 10 of pentacles and king of pentacles which made me happy but when i asked for timing i got 7 of pentacles and was bummed out. Am i giving to much power to the cards?

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