How should I handle my relationship with my parents? (Maybe some of you can relate.)

I had a very isolating, lonely childhood. My parents were loving, never abusive, but they made a number of delusional mistakes that, I'm realizing now at 24, really messed me up.

I still live at home – will be leaving soon. I go through waves of resentment that I try to not take it out on them. I've tried to be wise, to forgive and forget. It's hard, and it sometimes feels premature. For one, I'm just starting to breaking out of that mild brainwashing into my real, adult self. My perspective on what my childhood needed to be and what it ended up being becomes clearer by the day. Long-delayed differentiation is just starting to happen.

I asked my cards, "For this time in my life, what should my perspective/approach be toward my relationship with my parents?"

9 of Cups, Page of Cups, The Star.

Interesting. 9 of Cups means happiness, contentment. And then to be sent back to its beginning, Page of Cups. Naïveté, immaturity. And then The Star. Hope, rejuvenation. At first, it seems my cards are being mean to me, lol. I'm being a naive little child, just be content?

But I have some other ideas on what this means. Maybe I should let myself start a new journey, to let myself just be a child, or to heal my inner child/childhood (Page of Cups), and I will eventually come to the contentment and new beginning I'm looking for (9 of Cups and The Star).

Looking for second opinions from more experienced readers. Thanks.

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