How tarot still surprises me when things come true

Recently this past week and this week I kept getting the same reading about someone liking me and it was one of my friends and I know them and everything. so everyday I do a “what do I need to know read” as I'm doing this read I kept getting the same thing I've been getting for the past week. Something clicked into my mind and while I was doing tarot, tarot was like “how about, you ask this specific person how they feel about you” so I was like ok I'm going to ask. BAM the same reading I've been getting in my love reads and what do I need to know reads.

I was so confused, so I messaged my friend and said “hey, I'm not going to make it awkward I'm going to get straight to the point” my friend said ok go ahead and so I told my friend about how tarot told me that you secretly like me and have feelings for me and I told my friend that I could be reading the cards wrong or tarot could be wrong and it turns out it was true. My friend had feelings for me and I, in my mind said I freaking knew it. (I'm not saying that there is no reciprocating feelings back, I'm just looking inside of myself to see how I feel because we both agreed its complicated on how to explain it.)

Basically the point of this is that it still shocks me when tarot is telling the truth and isn't lying, I know it's supposed to tell you the future or peoples actions towards you, or gives you advice on how to look at things, but seriously I was in shock. Just gotta thank my tarot cards for being bluntly honest after trying to get the message to me for the past week and a half. I thought I was losing my mind I was like what the heck is going on, but I guess tarot really wanted me to know that and the message finally pieced together as they told me they liked me.

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