How to address fear and suspicions regarding comfirmation bias?

I'm reading Tarot in a spiritually open minded way, open to believing that there's more wisdom in the readings than clues from our own subconscious. But whenever I see something in the cards which seems rather obvious, I say to myself that of course I see what I expect to see, and whenever it differs from my expectations (e.g. I recently pulled the 9 of cups related to someone in a serious mental health crisis), I notice how my brain is desperately trying to make it fit anyway, which makes me feel suspicious that I'm so emotionally attached to wanting to believe in the cards giving me magical wisdom that I'm in reality not open anymore for being wrong about that.

I was just wondering how you guys handle such inner conflict or have handled it in the past. It's exhausting and I'd love to have some peace of mind. thank you!

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