How to Ask The Tarot Questions: What Questions Are Best to Ask Tarot, Combinations, Health Questions, etc.!

Hi everyone, I’m green when it comes to tarot. I know what each of the cards mean (in general), but don’t know what the combinations of different cards mean, and have no clue about the different spreads, etc.

My first question is, is there a set way to interpret combinations of cards in a reading, or do you go mainly by intuition?

Second, when you do a reading, is it best to be in a certain state of mind? Like, say, if you are in an anxious or depressed state of mind, does it color the reading? For instance, if I read on a topic that I have strong negative feelings for, cards that will reflect what I’m feeling, such as The Tower, The Hanged Man, etc. will show up. I find that when I’m calmer, more neutral cards show up.

Third, what questions are best to ask tarot? What is the purpose of tarot? Can tarot predict health outcomes for a person?

Thanks in advance 🙂

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