How to best shuffle cards using only one hand?

I (24F) have cerebral palsy, and I don’t have a lot of functional dexterity in my left hand, meaning that I cannot shuffle my cards the traditional way using riffle and overhand techniques. However, I still want to try to find a way to properly randomize my deck.

For example, during a Celtic Cross spread for a monthly outline of April, I drew three ace cards, three court cards, and four Wand cards from different parts of the deck.

Coincidence, pattern, or did I not shuffle well enough? I’m also new to Tarot, so I’m still working through the skepticism stage. For my own peace of mind, I want to prove to myself that’s it’s not just chance.

I don’t know much about chance/statistics/probabilities, but I have heard that any kind of card deck needs to be shuffled a certain amount of times until it’s properly randomized.

I’ve heard terms such as “deck refresh” and “deck validity/viability” used with the word “permutation/combination” but I’m not sure if those are mathematical terms.

For example, I don’t know how “unique” (?) a random shuffle is when I try, because the only way that I seem to be able to mix my cards is by dealing and cutting the deck. But I don’t know how many times I’m supposed to cut the deck to shuffle it.

And simply sectioning the deck and then mixing those sections together still potentially leaves me with unchanged cards, right? For example, drawing three cards of the same suit. Or does that example fall back to chance?

Does anyone have any suggestions on shuffling techniques that I could try? Thanks in advance!

(Mathematicians, feel free to correct/explain any terms I may have used incorrectly.)

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