How to deal with difficult customers?

I Just did a reading for this girl about the future of her current relationship. The reading ended up being really negative and i told her everything i saw, i just tried to present it in a good way. She then answers me with a bunch of messages saying how parts of the reading were wrong and how they love each other… then after chatting a bit with her trying to clear things up she proceeds to tell me how he cheated on her multiple times and constantly lies to her. She literally confirmed everything i saw in the cards, but she refuses to believe it. It’s honestly so sad to see people like this, but as a reader it’s really difficult to deal with these types of clients. It also sucks that she’ll probably give me a bad review just because i told her exactly what i saw and not what she wanted to hear.

How do i deal with customers like this? I try to not care but it’s hard to not get effected by it.

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