How to deal with it when the tarot consistently gives you ‘negative’ cards about a situation you feel positive about?

I am very new to tarot and have been using the Thoth tarot. So far, the insights I have gained have been valuable to me, and freakishly accurate/specific to my questions and situations. So on point that I have no doubt these cards and the way I'm using them is the real deal. Now I'm not quite sure how to feel because there is a project I've been thinking about for a long time that I'm in the planning phase of, that I feel really called to do and am really excited about. There is minimal overhead costs, literally no risk, and I feel it completely plays to my strengths.. basically I was super excited about committing to this offering. However, literally every single time I do a reading about it, I've gotten super negative cards. The tower, 5, 7 & 10 of swords, 5 of cups, etc. Cards that in the Thoth tarot have the words 'defeat, futility, disappointment' etc printed on them. Like chill out tarot, this is just a side project for my spare time lol. I'm not looking for specific interpretations of these cards, and I suppose the fact I'm such a novice could mean I am interpreting the message incorrectly. But these are the kinds of cards I have not come across in any other readings about relationships or other things.. the message seems pretty clear. What do you do when the message you are getting from the cards is in such contrast to the way you feel? Should I be discouraged? Should I follow through anyway?

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